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The long road to those washboard abs

Retired physical fitness educator Roger Wolfson has always been an advocate of fitness and health.  Even if he no longer teaches in a professional setting, he still, now and then, gives talks and conducts seminars and workshops on the many aspects of fitness. Recently, Roger Wolfson has taken advantage of all the time afforded to…
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Chest and other strength-building workouts for the serious lifter

Roger Wolfson is a former physical education teacher who has kept himself safe and busy amid the COVID-19 pandemic by staying indoors and writing his series of fitness blogs.  He believes that even in today’s world where travel is restricted and most people don’t get to live active lifestyles, fitness can still be achieved. On…
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Pouring on the protein: An incredible egg recipe for champions

Former physical educator Roger Wolfson has helped people over the years achieve peak health. He does this mainly by imparting his vast knowledge of fitness, wellness, nutrition, exercise, and ideal diets.

Reflecting on the nutritional reasons people do not reach their fitness goals

Retired physical fitness educator Roger Wolfson helps people stay fit through consultations, training sessions, and workshops.  He also educates people on what they need to know about staying healthy and fit through other various means, such as online classes and uploaded videos.  In recent months, just like everybody else, Roger Wolfson has done his part…
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