Chest and other strength-building workouts for the serious lifter

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Chest and other strength-building workouts for the serious lifter

Roger Wolfson is a former physical education teacher who has kept himself safe and busy amid the COVID-19 pandemic by staying indoors and writing his series of fitness blogs.  He believes that even in today’s world where travel is restricted and most people don’t get to live active lifestyles, fitness can still be achieved.

On this blog, Roger Wolfson explores one of the most popular muscle groups that serious lifters develop – the chest.  Every strong man on film has a great chest, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Dwayne Johnson.

Below are three great exercises for building both the chest and one’s “pushing” strength.

Flat bench press

One of the most iconic exercises in bodybuilding is the bench press.  There are many variations of the bench press, depending on several factors, such as bench position and how far the lifter’s hands are from each other on the bar.  The flat bench press is one of these variations where the lifter lays flat on the bench with arms 1.5 x shoulder-width apart. 

Roger Wolfson mentions that the bench press should be done progressively, with weights getting heavier each time and reps getting lower – to maximize muscle and strength development of the chest and arms.

Incline dumbbell press

The incline DB press is the cousin of the bench press.  Instead of using a barbell, the lifter uses a pair of dumbbells, which is ideal given the “swooping” range of motion of the exercise.  Just like the bench press, Roger Wolfson recommends a progressive approach, increasing weights and decreasing reps in a set.

Incline DB press sets not only increase muscle and strength in the arms and chest; it also gives the shoulders a serious pump.


One of the greatest staple bodyweight exercises known to man, the push-up essentially trains every muscle in the body.  However, the first and main beneficiaries of the push-up are the chest, triceps, and core.  Based on how one positions their hand, they can hit the different portions of the chest (upper, mid, and lower chest muscles). 

Since this is a bodyweight exercise, Roger Wolfson recommends that people do as many reps as they can.  Another tip Roger gives for maximum muscle growth is to complete the range of motion – go as deep as one can go on the rep and as high as one can, wherein they feel the squeeze in their chest.

Roger Wolfson is a retired physical educator who loves to help people reach their goals by sharing with them useful information on exercise and nutrition.  For more fitness blogs, check out this site.