Reflecting on the nutritional reasons people do not reach their fitness goals

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Reflecting on the nutritional reasons people do not reach their fitness goals

Retired physical fitness educator Roger Wolfson helps people stay fit through consultations, training sessions, and workshops.  He also educates people on what they need to know about staying healthy and fit through other various means, such as online classes and uploaded videos. 

In recent months, just like everybody else, Roger Wolfson has done his part in the battle against the coronavirus and stayed home.  During this time, he has started writing a series of articles and now has added blogging to the many ways he guides people toward their health and fitness goals. 

In today’s blog, Roger Wolfson tackles one of the most important topics people will need to understand on their road toward peak fitness – proper nutrition.

For 8 out of 10 gymgoers, their main goal will be weight loss.  This reflects the sad truth that a large percentage of Americans are overweight and obese.  Science has already linked being overweight and obese to many health problems, and as such, should be taken seriously.  The misconception though of some people, Roger Wolfson explains, is that they believe being active alone will do the trick.  However, you can never exercise your way out of a bad diet.

For overweight and obese people, to lose weight, they have to lose the fat.  In simplest terms – people have to burn more calories than they consume.  The numbers vary from person to person, but the usual caloric deficit amount is 3,500 calories for every pound of body weight.  Now, this may be affected by factors such as genetics, gender, and of course, age.

A caloric deficit is the one true, safe way for overweight and obese people to lose the excess poundage.  Even if it’s just a little, Roger Wolfson explains that people need to consume fewer calories than they burn.  And this is where the problem lies.

Many people, whether intentionally or unintentionally, eat too much.  That’s the painful truth.  Look at it this way; to burn one can of soda, a person needs to climb over 2,500 steps of stairs and to burn one cheeseburger, they need to run six miles.  Imagine eating all that and imagine what one needs to do to achieve a caloric deficit.

According to Roger Wolfson, one of the most important things a person should do when it comes to their diet is simply to be mindful of what they eat.  Eating right and exercising regularly is the one-two punch to reach one’s ideal weight.

Roger Wolfson is a retired physical educator who loves to help people reach their fitness goals by sharing with them useful information on exercise and nutrition.  Learn more about fitness and nutrition by visiting this page.