The long road to those washboard abs

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The long road to those washboard abs

Retired physical fitness educator Roger Wolfson has always been an advocate of fitness and health.  Even if he no longer teaches in a professional setting, he still, now and then, gives talks and conducts seminars and workshops on the many aspects of fitness.

Recently, Roger Wolfson has taken advantage of all the time afforded to him by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown protocols and has started a series of blogs on health and fitness.  In his blog posts, he tackles several specific topics to help everyone everywhere reach their fitness goals.

For this blog, Roger Wolfson takes a look at what many people consider to be the Holy Grail of fitness goals and the ultimate aesthetic symbol of fitness – six-pack abs. 

While it may seem that six-pack abs may be achieved quickly, as many fitness luminaries all over the internet with their own six-pack abs and get-six-pack-abs-quick instructional and inspirational videos and articles profess, Roger Wolfson mentions that for most people, it is neither quick nor easy.

First of all, even if a person does a thousand crunches a day, this does not ensure six-pack abs.  If a person succeeds in developing ab muscles, that’s a good step.  However, these muscles will still be covered in all the abdominal fat, fat which one needs to get rid of so the six-pack will be visible. 

Roger Wolfson also explains that merely shedding weight and getting rid of the fat does not fully guarantee a six-pack.  The ab muscles are a muscle group just like any other in the body.  It needs specific training, as well.  Shedding the fat is an achievement itself, but ab work needs to be done, too, to bring out the six-pack.

Finally, and this is one of the most important things people need to understand, the fat in the abdominal area will always be the last to go.  Roger Wolfson mentions that one of the biggest misconceptions about burning or removal of fat is that it can be localized.  While this is true in terms of medical processes such as liposuction, regular exercise burns and removes fat equally.

It is a long road going to those washboard abs, and in all probability, difficult.  But as Roger Wolfson has always taught in his classes – that’s what makes the journey worth it.